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Blur Stillness: Icon Challenge
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Having joined and participated in a few stillness communities, I found that there were some for other bands, but none for Blur. "A travesty!" I thought to myself. So I did what any LJ member would do in such a situation.

I made one of my own.


-This is a stillness community. No animated icons. Ever.
-Use only the images offered for each individual week.
-You may enter up to two icons per week. No more.
-Icons are not to be displayed anywhere else until the voting has ended and the winners have been named. If you do so, your icon (and votes) will be disqualified.
-This also means no recycled icons. The icons must be new and never used before. No sloppy seconds, yeah?
-Do not blend images. One image per icon.
-No criticising icons. Don't like the icons? Make a better one. Thought you should have won? Try again.
-When you have entered an icon, you may not recruit others to vote for you and you cannot vote for your own icons.

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

Once we have between five and ten members, we'll get started with the first challenge. If you'd like to promote in the appropriate places, go right ahead (this means no promoting in communities that have explicit rules not to).